Metaphors of Depression (movement) : Andrew T. Austin 2017

You see, the thing is as therapists, coaches, change workers and so on we are driven by the outcomes. The client is here and we want to get them over there and we impose our values, beliefs and our favourite go to method to achieve it.

With the Metaphors of Movement method it’s not, I repeat not about the outcome. It’s about bringing in to conscious awareness to the client where they are in their life and pointing out that their current coping strategy isn’t working and leaving them to come up with better, more useful strategies themselves.

Listening to the client’s idiomatic language give us a whole raft of unconscious information that the client is unaware of, as is eliciting their current situation’s metaphor. Observing the penny dropping as you explain from (in my case) a very dodgy sketching of the client’s metaphor is a joy to watch.

Watch Andy in full flow here explaining how it all works. This could change your therapy practice forever….or your life.

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