The 3 Pillars of Depression



The 3 pillars are used to illustrate the emotions and behaviours that can support depression.

The first pillar refers to our past and here we will have such things as – Guilt, Shame, Regret, Remorse.

In the second pillar we are in the present where because of what we experience in the first column we now experience such things as Anxiety, Panic, Worry

These can then manifest at some time in the future as Anger, Frustration, Temper.

Then guess what? This can feed new guilt or shame in to the pot and around it goes again.

IEMT is a great therapy for intervening in this seemingly never-ending circle often without recourse to the story behind the negative event that is driving all this. If you’ve a vivid memory of the first time you felt this way then that’s all we need to start the process.


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