Senses Working (Over Time)

One of my favourite songs to kick off my new post!

In the previous blog I talked about how we are sensory creatures. To make sense of the world the brain takes in tons of information from our senses and interprets this info to let us know what is going on – this is often referred to as our map of the world.

However you will often hear coaches and trainers say “The map is not the territory” which can be a bit confusing but what we mean by this is that your map isn’t the same as my map or your neighbour’s map or the guy on the bus’ map. Our information is subtly being interpreted differently by each of our brains depending upon our ‘programming’.

Our programming is defined by our needs, wants, values, beliefs, learned behaviours which we have subsumed from birth through our family, society , teachers and so on. So already you can see how your map of the world could be quite different to mine as we are using different filters on the information.

For simplicity’s sake it is easier to imagine you are living in your own full surround sound, 360° total sensory movie. Because in effect you are, heck there are even some theoretical physicists positing the idea that we are just holograms in a virtual reality!

Every decision that you, the director makes, affects the movie you are living in so if you want a happier, more fulfilling movie of your life you have to makes conscious decisions that affect it. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Naturally there are outside influences also affecting your movie but how you, the star of the movie, react is down to you. This is where you, the director, and the current media darling ‘Mindfulness’ come in. By becoming more consciously aware of our thoughts, feelings and our language we can start to design our life to become more fulfilling.

Conscious awareness of our senses is a good first step to becoming the director of your fabulous bio-pic and in the next blog we’ll look at the components of our senses and maybe have a little exercise to get your visual cortex working if you don’t think yourself to be a ‘visual’ person (more of what that means to come as well! 😉  )

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